This fruit, revered for its beauty and exquisite taste, has been the centerpiece of our passion and dedication at Athos. From the fields of Ica to the farthest corners of the world, at Athos, we have proudly carried the legacy of the Peruvian pomegranate with pride and commitment.

Decades ago, in the fields of Ica – in Athos – we planted the first seeds of what would become our legacy: pomegranate cultivation. Aware of the richness of our land and committed to excellence, we devoted ourselves to caring for and cultivating these natural gems, making them the heart of our company.

Leaders in Cultivation and Exportation, over time, our dedication and expertise have led us to become undisputed leaders in the cultivation and exportation of pomegranates in Peru. At Athos, our fields flourished with the vibrant beauty of these fruits, while our export efforts brought them to the most demanding and distant markets in the world, carrying with them the unique flavor and quality of the Peruvian pomegranate.

But our success goes beyond export numbers and abundant harvests. We take pride in saying that our agroexporter is rooted in social responsibility and community development. Through job creation and support for local development projects, at Athos, we have contributed to the growth and well-being of the communities around us, bringing hope and opportunities to those who need it most.

In Athos, with every pomegranate we cultivate and export, we carry the spirit of our land and the promise of a better future for all. We are more than a company; we are guardians of a tradition, ambassadors of a unique flavor, and advocates of an unwavering commitment to social responsibility. As we continue our journey, we carry the legacy of the Peruvian pomegranate with pride and gratitude, knowing that our work is contributing to a more prosperous and equitable world for everyone.