The unique conditions of Nepeña, with its temperate climate and fertile soil, provide the perfect environment for cultivating fig trees. Over the years, farmers have perfected irrigation techniques and soil management, making the most of the natural resources available in the region.

Care and knowledge have allowed us to maintain a prosperous and sustainable agricultural tradition. Through environmentally friendly farming practices, we have managed to produce figs appreciated for their exquisite flavor and unmatched quality.

Fig cultivation in Nepeña is not only an economic activity but also an integral part of the region’s identity and culture. Figs are celebrated in local festivals and events, where traditional recipes are shared, honoring the rich agricultural heritage of the area.

When observing the fields of fig trees stretching across the landscapes of Nepeña, one can appreciate the profound bond between the community and the land that sustains them. In every fig cultivated in Nepeña lies the story of generations of dedicated farmers who have worked in harmony with nature to produce a fruit as cherished as it is delicious.