Lies a golden treasure that has captivated the hearts and palates of those fortunate enough to taste it: the Golden Berries.

Legend has it that centuries ago, when the ancient inhabitants of the region gazed towards the snow-capped heights, they discovered a small golden fruit growing among the rocks and green fields. With its sweet flavor and intoxicating aroma, aguaymanto quickly became a symbol of abundance and prosperity in the region.

The farmers of Caraz, guardians of this natural gem, have dedicated generations to its cultivation and care. With knowledge of the land’s secrets and seasons, they have learned to cultivate aguaymanto with love and respect, thus preserving its unique flavor and nutritional benefits.

The Golden Berrie is not just a fruit; it is a source of life and hope for the communities of Caraz. Over the years, it has witnessed moments of joy and celebration, as well as challenges and sacrifices. With each harvest, farmers renew their commitment to this ancestral tradition, aware that aguaymanto is not just food, but a legacy they must protect and preserve for future generations.

Today, Caraz’s Golden Berrie is among the most coveted products in local and international markets. Its unique flavor and numerous health benefits make it a true treasure for those who have the privilege of tasting it.